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ASV and Fauna Rescue and Scaring Methods of 03 ENEL´s Wind Power Parks

Environmental study for authorization of vegetation suppression (Autorização de Supressão de Vegetação – ASV); execution of fauna rescue and scaring methods and flora reintroduction; and, approval of the legal reserve area´s site of leased properties linked to three Wind Power Parks called the Fontes dos Ventos (PE) and Modelo I and II (RN), composed of 100 wind turbine generators located in Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco and Bahia states.

The measures used to wild animals’ protection were: chasing wild animals away; emergency veterinary services for debilitated animals; and animals’ translocation to similar areas. For vegetation, rescue procedures of endangered, endemic and commercial species were adopted to safeguard the genetic stocks of them, and for epiphytic habit species, reintroduction services were carried out.

The good results obtained in the development of the works provided STCP with new work opportunities with the ENEL group in 2014 and 2015, with services linked to a third wind power project: Serra Azul Wind Power Park (BA) where more than 50 wind turbine generators were installed.

Follow-up of vegetation suppression by rescue teams (PE).



Some animals rescued and translocated in the Wind Power Parks Fontes dos Ventos (PE) and Modelo I and II (RN): Crotalus durissus (Rattlesnake), Euphractus sexcinctus (Tatu-peba).



Flora rescue in the Wind Power Parks Fontes dos Ventos (PE) and Modelo I and II (RN): Fruits of Pithecellobium diversifolium Benth (Madras thorn).


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