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Management Plan of Serra da Baitaca State Park, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba

STCP was hired by COMPAGAS to prepare the Management Plan for the Serra da Baitaca State Park, located between the municipalities of Quatro Barras and Piraquara, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, with a total area of 3,053.21 hectares. Created in 2002 by SEMA / IAP.

Located in a transition area between the Dense Ombrophilous Forest and Mixed Ombrophilous Forest, the region belongs to the mountain range of the Serra do Mar, with the highlight being the Morro do Anhangava, 1,425 meters high. A differential in the Management Plan´s technical team was the requirement of a professional with mountaineering experience, rappel and climbing techniques, to support the diagnosis and development of specific programs in the area that has ecotourism potential.



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