October 30, 2018


Ivan Tomaselli – Technical Coordinator of the Seminar, Marilza Dias – Secretary of the Environment (SMMA), Luiz Fernando Jamur – IPPUC, President


STCP Engenharia de Projetos Ltda. assisted the Secretariat of Environment of Municipality of Curitiba (PMC/SMMA), in organizing and carrying out the International Capacity Building Seminar on Naturalistic Engineering for the Viva Barigüi Program, funded by the French Development Agency – AFD. The seminar, held on June 5-8, 2018, aimed to train the public servants of the City of Curitiba involved in the implementation of the Viva Barigüi Program.

The topics covered in the Seminar were based on natural engineering principles and related areas, including: Slope stabilization techniques/ methods, using environment-friendly materials; techniques for re-naturalization of rivers; techniques for biodiversity restoration; and techniques for rainwater treatment.

Ivan Tomaselli, STCP President, was the Technical Coordinator of the PMC/SMMA project with the support of the Consulting Division.

The exchange of experiences among public servants of the city of Curitiba, private companies, universities, technicians from various areas, lecturers from Brazil and France, provided enriching learning, as well as practical applications of natural engineering techniques with cases that will assist in future projects of the Curitiba municipal government.

Ivan Tomaselli – STCP, Laure Schalchli – AFD Brasil, Leny Toniolo – SMMA

Participantes del Seminário


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